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Our Purpose

Post by dmdoutefanclub on Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:35 pm

Why is there a D.M. Doute fan club? D.M. is a once in a lifetime character, imagine if you will, Weird Al, Andy Kauffman and Benny Hill rolled into one, toss in some John Belushi for fun and then give that fella a camera- this is what we're dealing with in the case of Mr. Doute. Here fans worldwide (and some fans who have been described as out of this world in one way or another can congregate and discuss the Maestro of Mayhem, the Czar of cheap beer.. the man who once said of himself, "I'm no sir, perhaps at best just a high ranking dude." Also while here one can enjoy his iconic photography. (All Images are for sale BTW)

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